4.  BLOOM TEAM Meeting

Your FIRST BLOOM Team Meet & Greet will consist of you, the parents and Brittany Bell, M.A, BCBA. We will discuss information regarding your child's developmental and medical history via your completed Intake Packet. You will complete a structured interview assessment and discuss Payment Packages, Insurance, and your child's first assessment dates.

 ​1. Contact the Growing Tree

Call 601-401-0422


Send Us A Note through our website's Find Us Tab

3. Complete & Return Intake Packet​ 

Once your First BLOOM Team Meet & Greet is scheduled, our Office Administrator will email you your Intake Packet. Please fill it out & RETURN before your scheduled meeting.

6. BLOOM TEAM REPORT & Therapy Sessions Begin

Your BLOOM Team will meet to discuss the results of your child's assessment as well as to discuss his or her new ABA "SPROUT" Program. Your child's new program will then begin to be implemented in therapy sessions.

5. Assessment Time

Yay! It's time to begin. Your child will come into the clinic for scheduled assessment sessions. During these sessions, a BCBA will begin pairing with your child and identifying motivating reinforcers that can be used to motivate learning and language. A specified tool such as the ABLLS-R or the VP-MAPP will be used to assess your child's strengths and areas of needs. Your BCBA will then develop and write your child's individualized ABA "SPROUT" program.

​2. Schedule 1st BLOOM Team Meet & Greet.

Your child's Bloom Team will consist of you the parents, your child, as well as the therapists & certified staff who work & oversee your child's assessments & programs. These teams will make important decisions regarding your child's programs and interventions that lead toward progress.