Individual Programs

Advanced Electronic Data Collection System

Direct Observations

Screening Tools ABLLS-R, HELP, etc.

Custom Treatment Plans (SPROUT Program)

​Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)

Functional Analysis Reports (FA)

​1 on 1 programming overseen by BCBA

In-home & Onsite Consultations

In-home & In-clinic Therapy (may have waiting lists)

​Mock Preschool Room Training

Collaboration with Parents & Clients (BLOOM TEAM)

Parent Training Sessions

IEP Advocacy for Clients

Discrete Trial Training​​ (DTT)

Highly structured and intense form of ABA that usually occurs at a table. Each teaching moment is planned, separate, and distinct. 

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

ABA is used in a more natural environment setting during NET. This often will occur in the client's typical environment. Everyday household items and toys are used as teaching manipulative and the rewards for correct responses are natural. The therapist has a list of targets and they are inserted into play and games. NET training is meant to occur without the client knowing that they are working.

​Mand & Intraverbal Training 

Mand training is basically teaching a client to request for items and activities that he or she wants. This is the first step to increasing a child's language repertoire and we spend much time building these skills in our manding room and outside as we let the child lead us to the items and activities that they want. We then implement Verbal Behavior methodology to increase their requesting repertoire. Once a child makes significant progress in their Mand repertoire, Intraverbal training begins. During this time, we teach the child the beginning skills of conversation. This training will often also occur in the same fun way that Manding does, which means lots of motivation that can help lead to lots of progress!

​Educational Programs

​ABA Classroom Development, Set-up & Management

Strategies for Implementing ABA in Classroom

Data Collection in the Classroom

​On-site Classroom Observations

​Staff Development

Teacher & Staff Training on site

What is                                                 ?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) applies systematic approaches to understand and change behavior. ABA is the process of systematically applying interventions that are based on the principles of learning theory. These interventions utilize research based techniques and are used to improve socially significant behaviors, which can occur by teaching new skills and/or by reducing maladaptive behaviors that may interfere with learning. ABA therapy is recommended by pediatricians, the US Surgeon General, and the American Psychological Association as the most effective evidence-based treatment for Autism.

​A Typical Therapy Session includes (both in home & in clinic)​: